Our Focus

Ahadi Zetu Foundation provides an array of services that educates, heals and empowers children, their care givers and the community. We view education as a great equalizer, freeing people from poverty, violence, and despair.

We provide scholarships to vulnerable and orphaned children, leading to a high school diploma and a path to vocational/ college/ higher education.
We partner with families and the community to provide food, shelter and clothing. We empower the community through programs that promote education, advocacy, psycho-social interventions and mental health.


The cost to sponsor one of our children per school year is $250 which includes school supplies and lunch ; this for some of the children is their only meal for the day.

Ahadi Zetu is funded by individual donations. 100% of the donation goes towards tuition payments and support for our children.

Currently, an individual sponsor is matched with a single child. Our goal is to continue to increase the number of scholarships offered to children each year.

Ahadi Zetu Foundation (Swahili for “Our Promises”) is a USA registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide education opportunities for all children regardless of ability, or their family’s social/economic circumstances.

The foundation believes that every person has the potential to transform their lives and improve the lives of their families and community when provided with the right tools and support.”