Meet the Ahadi Zetu Team

Ahadi Zetu Foundation (Keeping the Promise)

Our Vision

Changing Lives, One Mind at a Time…

What We Do

We support programs focused on orphans and vulnerable children and youth by providing education scholarships to high school students in the Kiangai region of Central Kenya.

Ahadi Zetu Foundation employs a two-pronged approach that integrates secondary education scholarships for destitute children with community mental health education.  Community education is geared towards raising mental health awareness and providing parents and caregivers with essential culturally informed tools to intervene with children who have experienced trauma, grief, and loss. Get involved!  


Why we do what we do:

We at Ahadi Zetu Foundation envision a world in which every child is given an opportunity to pursue a formal education. Ahadi Zetu is passionate about providing scholarships because we see education as being a great equalizer, freeing people from poverty, violence and despair. 

Furthermore, education has been heralded as indispensable to nation building and poverty.

We empower, heal and transform the community through a culture of community education internationally


“Giving all children access to education”  and “promoting community mental health”