Ahadi Zetu (Our Promises)

Founded by a group of committed INDIVIDUALS, we have driven a decade of impact

Why we do what we do

We at Ahadi Zetu Foundation envision a world in which every child is given an opportunity to pursue a formal education. Ahadi Zetu is passionate about our purpose because we see education as being a great equalizer, freeing people from poverty, violence, and despair. Furthermore, education has been heralded as indispensable to nation building and poverty alleviation in the world.

How we are funded

100% of every dollar donated to Ahadi Zetu goes towards tuition payments for our students. Ahadi Zetu Foundation doesn’t take any cuts and is fully operated by volunteers. The cost of tuition for the 2014 school year was $200 and it will probably remain the same in 2015. This covers tuition and includes lunch for 5 days a week for the whole school year; this for some of the children is their only meal for the day.
Currently, an individual sponsor is matched with a single child, but there are still many needy students that we have not been able to sponsor. Going forward, we would like to raise funds into a pool from which we can draw. Our plan is to continue to increase the number of needy students supported each year in Kiangai, eventually reach out to other areas of Kenya, and Africa as a whole.

Every child is given an opportunity to pursue a formal education

How we do it

Ahadi Zetu Foundation provides high school tuition scholarships to destitute children (orphaned and/or very poor) in the Kiangai region of Central Kenya. The children sponsored through Ahadi Zetu would otherwise have no opportunity to pursue a high school diploma.
High school students in Kenya pay for everything, from tuition, to books, school uniforms, and examinations. The children sponsored by Ahadi Zetu used to go out to find money to defray some of these costs and most had despaired. This left the children vulnerable to exploitation; the situation is especially dire for girls who are denied a chance for education all together.
The foundation currently works closely with community members, leaders, administrators, teachers, and members of the community to identify destitute children in the area.

Children sponsored would otherwise have no opportunity